As we encounter a huge variety of people and businesses, we understand that all of your needs and requirements are different. Therefore, we have aimed to perfect our service to you by tailoring a Concept to Market plan, offering support and guidance from the very beginnings of your idea to the final touches:


    1. 1. If you know exactly what you're looking for, we'll source the best route in obtaining it for you, keeping in mind your preferences, lead-time and budget.


    1. 2. Not sure what you're looking for? Absolutely no problem. Give us all the information you have, whether it be a proposed strategy for building brand awareness, an upcoming event or sourcing the best suited uniforms for your team. We will take this information and provide you with our expert recommendations!


  1. 3. Once we have received all the required information from you, we can offer you a breakdown of what we believe is the best plan for you. This includes:


  • - Products we believe to be best suited to your business and/or marketing strategy
  • - Uniforms that suit both your needs and your budget
  • - Suggestions on any artwork you provide should you need it, utilising our in-house graphic design team
  • - Future merchandise we believe would be worthwhile considerations for you if you are planning ahead
  • - A proposed budget, whether it be related to current purchases or applicable to future purchases also


To take action on a plan suitable for you, the first step is to contact us, where our expert sales team are ready with recommendations tailored to you.


Email:   Phone: 021-4211155