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Here are some interesting facts about promotional products that you might not know and they prove promotional products are still one of the most effective advertising mediums out there.

The #1 reason people will keep a promotional product is because they can use it to perform a task or action.  81% of recipients say that an item’s usefulness is the primary reason to keep it, so when you’re choosing promotional items as part of your marketing plan, be sure to choose something your target audience will consider useful.  That way, they’ll keep it around for a while and you’ll enjoy extended brand exposure.

The average promotional product is kept for around 6 months, with many being kept even longer.  The advantage here over other forms of advertising is that just one promotional product delivers your message for a far longer period of time.

Promotional products have the ability to generate business from new clients.  Overall, 1 in 3 people are more likely to do business with a company after they’ve received a promotional product from them.  That number increases even more when the promotional product is unique or innovative.

Almost 90% of those who receive a promotional product can remember the name of the advertiser on the item…overwhelming evidence that promotional products are excellent marketing tools.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when I mention pop-up internet ads and TV commercials?  If you’re like most people, you probably thought “annoying” or “interruption,” or something along those lines.  Promotional products are actually useful in helping people to achieve a goal.

Just a few compelling reasons to start (or continue) using promotional products!  Even small marketing budgets can achieve big results with this powerful advertising medium.  Need help finding the right promotional merchandise for your business? Give Eurostyle a call for more helpful information.