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Working towards a more sustainable future

Our Commitment

Eurostyle’s approach to corporate responsibility underpins our commitment to Quality, Value, Service, Prosperity, Innovation and Trust. These values will be achieved through a number of sustainable initiatives whereby we commit to undertake daily business operations with the following permanently at mind:

1 – Lessen our overall impact on the environment.

2 – Source sustainably.

3 – Consider the health and wellbeing of stakeholders, particularly employees.

4 – Continue and increase our involvement in community engagements.

We believe that success is found through operating responsibly and this is reflected in our business ethics, whereby we consider sustainability a business essential as opposed to an advantage. In order to continue operating long-term, our focus on continuously growing and evolving sustainability is imperative. It is found in each and every part of our business and its prominence will only improve. With our growing focus on sustainability, it will allow us to consider our current and future environmental impact, the welfare of our stakeholders and our community engagement. Our overall focus on corporate responsibility can be seen in the following four areas:


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Code of Ethics

Eurostyle has been a member of PSI, the largest promotional products association in Europe, since 2005. Within PSI is the GWW Ethical Code of Honour, which we use as a guideline in upholding their ethical code in our business practices.


      PSI   GWW



Corporate Social Responsibility

We have achieved a Gold Rating for our efforts in implementing and maintaining our CSR policies by EcoVadis. With our CSR ratings improving with each assessment, it is evident that our commitment of working towards a more sustainable future continues to prosper.


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