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Soft Shell Jackets

The demand for soft shell jackets has been increasingly growing in the past decade: it came to prominence in the early 2000’s when there was a niche in the market for a jacket that was highly breathable and somewhat wind and water proof to accommodate high-movement, aerobic activities. Mountaineering specialists use it as part of a layering system as well as a stand-alone jacket, dependable on weather conditions and purpose of use.

So, what is a soft shell jacket? It is a class of knit or woven materials, made from polyester and nylon, used to make technical outdoor clothing that essentially bridges the gap between hard shell jackets and fleece jackets. Soft shell is designed for active use in cold weather. An inner fleece laminate wicks moisture away from the body and traps heat, while the stretch shell protects you from the wind and rain.

Soft shell is an ideal lightweight jacket for the corporate wear market, automatically creates an effortlessly smart appearance, which can also be branded with your corporate logo very easily.


Soft shell vs. Hard shell

Hard shells are often fully wind and water proof, providing exemplary protection against harsh, rainy and windy weather conditions. They can be comprised of multiple layers, consisting of hard, protective outer layers with a soft waterproof membrane.

As opposed to the stiffer materials used in hard shell jackets, soft shell jackets are known to use soft, stretchy woven materials and can offer more breathability than hard shell jackets who include inner membranes. They are extremely flexible and their primary use is to provide protection as opposed to providing shelter. They can be more comfortable to wear based on their soft fabrics and are comprised of quieter materials: these qualities are what make them so ideal for activities that require a lot of movement.

When do you choose a soft shell over a hard shell? One of the most notable differences between hard and soft shells is the outer materials. Hard shells are ideal for when protection against harsher, rainier weather conditions is necessary. However, if a lot of movement is necessary, soft shell jackets may be the better option. Therefore, when deciding on which jacket to choose, the following needs to be considered: the expected precipitation, the activity involved (and therefore the amount of movement and exertion needed) and the need for breathability.


Popular Eurostyle soft shell jackets

The following products are soft shell jackets worth checking out, alongside the many other soft shells in our extensive range!


Celebrating 45 years in business. 1972-2017






Celebrating 45 years in business. 1972-2017

As one of Ireland’s longest established promotional products supplier, 2017 is an important year for Eurostyle. It is a year to celebrate our 45 year history with our loyal staff, customers and suppliers. But it is also a year that we have targeted for growth. Our new website showcases an amazing selection of product on offer, all available branded with any company/brand logo.  We look forward to working with new and existing customers during our 45th anniversary year, so please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or call if we can help you celebrate a milestone in your organisation. Thanks for all the support.

Marketing Your Business with Promotional Products

In today’s information-intensive world, it’s hard for any business to attract potential customers. However, promotional products offer a unique opportunity to get your company’s name out to its target market — and keep it there.

The promotional items that you choose are limited only by your own creativity. They can range from market-proven goods — such as calendars, coffee mugs and baseball caps — to innovative items like candy and nuts, stadium blankets, toy cars and trucks and first aid kits. Whatever items you pick, all should bear your logo and contact information.

No matter what route you take or which items you select, be sure to maximise your investment. Here are a few tips to make the most of this time-tested sales and marketing resource:

* Set clear goals for your promotion. Think about what you want these products to do for your business. Should they build awareness of your company? Boost sales? Provide a way to thank your customers? Have clear goals in mind from the start in order to purchase items that make sense for your business

* Set a budget and stick to it. Putting your logo on a coffee mug or a mouse mat tells customers that you’ve arrived and you’re in business for the long haul. Avoid overspending: Identify your costs up front, factor them into your overall marketing budget and pricing strategy and keep careful track of all expenses — especially indirect costs like shipping and handling and storage

* Seek out partnership opportunities. If you’d like to offer gifts at one of your events, ask one of your suppliers to share the cost. In exchange, recognise them by placing their logo on the gift. Joint promotional efforts strengthen relationships with suppliers and make a statement about your commitment.

* Recognise the limited shelf life of most promotional products. Don’t buy more than you need. A lot of businesses have stockrooms full of outdated promotional items. In addition, read “Promotion Strategies for Small Businesses” for more on this topic.

Promotional items can be a silent salesperson for your products or services. Keeping these tips in mind will help you make the most of your promotional items’ potential.

Promotional Products – some interesting facts

Here are some interesting facts about promotional products that you might not know and they prove promotional products are still one of the most effective advertising mediums out there.

The #1 reason people will keep a promotional product is because they can use it to perform a task or action.  81% of recipients say that an item’s usefulness is the primary reason to keep it, so when you’re choosing promotional items as part of your marketing plan, be sure to choose something your target audience will consider useful.  That way, they’ll keep it around for a while and you’ll enjoy extended brand exposure.

The average promotional product is kept for around 6 months, with many being kept even longer.  The advantage here over other forms of advertising is that just one promotional product delivers your message for a far longer period of time.

Promotional products have the ability to generate business from new clients.  Overall, 1 in 3 people are more likely to do business with a company after they’ve received a promotional product from them.  That number increases even more when the promotional product is unique or innovative.

Almost 90% of those who receive a promotional product can remember the name of the advertiser on the item…overwhelming evidence that promotional products are excellent marketing tools.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when I mention pop-up internet ads and TV commercials?  If you’re like most people, you probably thought “annoying” or “interruption,” or something along those lines.  Promotional products are actually useful in helping people to achieve a goal.

Just a few compelling reasons to start (or continue) using promotional products!  Even small marketing budgets can achieve big results with this powerful advertising medium.  Need help finding the right promotional merchandise for your business? Give Eurostyle a call for more helpful information.